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Ever since around 2005, there's been significant rush in e-mailed junk e-mail with subject: "Canadian Pharmacies". As we know all items have pros and cons as well as web pharmacy is completely subject to fraudulent cases and scams. According to reviews many famous gangs had been the mastermind behind this operation. This has impacted other genuine Canadian businesses. You can find less inviting sides of this industry. Hence, these are the common points that needs to be observed before any e-commerce happens.

There should be an available customer support phone number too. Having to cope with automated solutions on the occasion involving critical matters is more compared to a headache, so try to make client service accessibility a major thing to consider on the way you select whom you will probably make your business to. It is usually smart to call this number before making a final decision with a new pharmacist. In the event that calling in turns out to be an automatic problem, you probably desire to continue to keep looking for a pharmacy that allows excellent customer service. When doing business with a foreign supplier it is important to have access to licensed pharmacists or pharmacy technicians who can answer prescription specific questions.

nYou can also easily determine if your online pharmacy is reputable. Just check if the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy confirms this site and try to find the logo on the bottom. This guarantees that customers are going to get their products from a trust-worthy and reliable website

These pharmacies tend to be no different from the city drug stores as they render exactly the same services however the method of providing medication is the only real distinction. Numerous consumer consider these as more suitable as well as hassle-free as we can easily obtain the help while relaxing at our house rather than seeing a near by pharmacy. Internet marketing has evolved through the years and almost everything can be purchased as well as sold over the internet. An Online Pharmacy is a drugstore which sells drugs over the web and has set up itself over the last decade.

Check out today and see everything they have to offer. A licensed pharmacist is ready to answer any inquiries you may have regarding your order. Canadian online pharmacies are a great way to get discounted drugs without ever leaving home.

The actual license as well as registration numbers are often confirmed on the internet and in many cases utilized to operate a search to determine whether or not the drugstore is known for a decent standing considering the regulating systems. In case contact info for the issuing bodies can be found with all these this is most effective of all. When a company is genuine there is a trail of facts that simply and evidently establishes their authenticity. Among the true indicators of a reputable company is simply the obvious presentation of both license number as well as registration number.

They need to save as much money as likely. This is why before buying from a local pharmacy, they will call other pharmacies to compare and contrast price rates. nMost of buyers clearly are on a financial plan with look upon to buying online prescriptions drug. This may be a strenuous experience. They would have to find phone numbers of local pharmacy near their region and talk about the prices of their medicine

Internet medical shops are a good option if you want reasonably priced products. Here are some reimbursements buyers can get from Online Pharmacy nThere are a lot of causes why you require buying from an online pharmacy.

You should be aware that any medicine needing a prescription in the United States will also demand one at an online pharmacy. With no proper prescription the medications will never be sent out. This is simply a way to get the products you require at a lower price. All scripts will be examined for validity before the medications leave the pharmacy.

You can now order your prescriptions from an online Canadian pharmacy and save a lot of money. While drug prices soar in the United States, they remain sensibly priced in other countries. Canada is one place that offers medicines that is exactly the same as those being marketed in the US.

Generic brands are offered to save you even more money. Generics are every bit as good as big brands though in certain cases your doctor may need to write your prescription for the generic for your prescription to be processed.

Buying online for a Canada pharmacy is a great way to cut cost and save money for those who don't have insurance or their medical insurance does not cover the needed medicines. You could literally save thousands of dollars each year on medications you take every day.In most cases, we trust the pharmacist who hands the medicine over to us and never give a second thought about it before consumption. Obviously, we should purchase our medication only from reputable and trustworthy pharmacies. As soon as you obtain the medicine from the pharmacy it really is extremely important to compare them with the prescription. Such as whether they deal good quality and branded medicines, if the prices are easily affordable and if the pharmacists reliable and always provide the right medicines. And, this is where an online Canadian Online Pharmacy plays an important role. However, this can be one tip that we would usually overlook. There are a set of factors that we look for in a pharmacy.

The prices of medications in the the online Canadian Online Pharmacy are regulated by the government of Canada, so the prices are lesser than those in the United States where it is left with free-market principle. If you are thinking that in order to get this service you have to end up paying more for your medicines then you are wrong.

The next section has a form which should be filled out as well as a place to provide a copy of the original prescriptions. If you'd rather pay with a check or international money order, it will be necessary to print out the prescription form to send in with the payment. This form can be printed out so that you can manually fill in the informationafter which you can mail or fax the form back to the pharmacy. Included as well on this page would be the different payment methods.

These types of pharmacies popularly found presence with a revolutionary idea to provide less expensive medications incorporated with e-commerce. The medicines as well as drugs are generally bought through different locations around the world. This extended widely just like a huge fast ball, and everybody started utilizing it.

These are often ineffective or dangerous to your health. When you receive your online prescription, check the delivery carefully to ensure that the package appears genuine and has not been broken or tampered with. There have been numerous cases where online pharmacies have sold counterfeit or fake drugs. Watch out for counterfeit drugs.

A Canadian Pharmacy can help you to get the medications you need at a price you really can afford. If you find that your pharmacy bill is hundreds of dollars each month then this is a way to reduce costs.

You can now get the medications you require at a lesser amount right from the comfort of your own home Ordering from a Canadian Pharmacy allows you to get the medications you need for half the cost as what you would pay at your local pharmacy. If you are looking for a way to cut costs on your prescriptions then I have fantastic news.

Besides lisinopril - - this, ADV-Care Pharmacy is also offering you a saving if you purchase the beauty items and prescribed drugs more than 20,000. The best thing about ADV-Care Pharmacy that the aid the patients by delivering them to their destination points. Since ADV-Care Pharmacy has sets his roots on Canada also, hence in order to reduce the outlay of the consumer they can directly bill the Canadian health insurance plan. There is also the facility of mail ordering and on-line prescription services to the people of US and Canada both. The health care services which are customized, confidential, comprehensive and personal are based on one to one person. ADV-Care Pharmacy is known for its services provided to the customer.

Purchasing medicines from their website is as simple as ordering a pizza. Online Canada pharmacies present effective and advanced services. You only need to request an order through the internet or if you would prefer, you can use your trusty telephone.

Doctor's offices and hospitals can order from these pharmacies at the same time. This can be a wonderful way to help your patients get the medications they need at reduced prices. Purchasing in bulk can help you save even more money on their everyday discounted prices.

Here are a few essential factors under 301 section to be considered before buying as well as promoting any kind of medicines on the internet. The Food and Drug Administration generally doesn't promote internet medication and believes or acknowledges "one on one" relationship between doctors and sufferers. Simple ownership of any kind of managed material without legitimate prescription may get up to twelve months in jail along with a fine of one thousand dollars under the same section.

Everything is in one convenient location and will arrive right at your door. Everything you may need from your local pharmacy can be ordered right from home. They have an extensive choice of over the counter medications including creams and generic in addition to name brands.

Your insurance may not be accepted. These pharmacies are mainly for those who have to pay out of their pocket for many or all of their daily medications. Insurance may not cover all the medicines you need or you may not have insurance. If this is the case then this is something to check out.It is because pharmaceutical drug companies change the look of medicines for every region, so while a certain medication can be a tiny, rounded blue pill in a country, it could be a big, square red capsule in another. Some individuals observe that brand and generic Canadian medicines look different from the ones they are accustomed to consuming.

Once you have determined which pharmacy has the best deal for your medicines, go to their website, find the medications and then click on them. This page will have a summary of the items you have selected and the sub total. Each and every separate medication will have a space for you to enter the quantity you would like to order. Once these details are entered, simply click order or click on the shopping cart and a new web page will open.

This way, you know the large pharmacy or someone else you know and have dealt when them before. "The Online Pharmacy" is the future of Pharmacy! One good tip about choosing online pharmacies is to select one that is associated with a large pharmacy chain, a well known pharmacy group. The trust factor is minimized and your security, bank and credit information will be kept secured.

Also, one very important thing to consider at the online pharmacy your are using is that they have a secured checkout, payment system! In future, any sites where you purchase items online make sure that this "https" configuration is in the website address, anything else can be hacked and your address, payment, and medical information stolen by Internet criminals.

A tremendous misconception about Canada is that they can legitimately sell medications that happen to be unlawful with other countries. This is not a fact also. Narcotics are actually illegal there, and that means you will never be able to obtain those meds at a pharmacy in Canada.

Purchasing medications online is a fairly simple process that requires only a few questions and copy of the prescription. Many people have realized that purchasing their prescriptions online through a Canadian pharmacy is the easiest method to get affordable medicines. Prescription medications can be life savingfor many individuals, but, they are expensive which makes it difficult for most people to have their prescriptions filled.

It is best to pick four or five different websites in order to get an excellent comparison list. Select several different pharmacies from the list to enable you to compare the prices and to check if your medications are available. Keep in mind to check the dosage amount required for your specific prescription. Visit each website, locate your specific medication, write down the pharmacy name as well as the price.

The main worry everyone has when purchasing medicines from an international pharmacy is security. Their legal guidelines are very strict and give a great amount of safety to all sorts of customers. Even though some people might think that Canadian laws and regulations tend to be poor in this area, that simply is not true. For instance, people may wonder whether the laws and regulations are as tough and vast as the ones that are in their home country.

If you pay extra focus on the rankings and reviews which apply straight to delivery, you will get a much better offer and stay confident that it will arrive on time. Typically larger and better recognized businesses can accommodate your orders quickly. Together with affordable shipping charges the Online Pharmacy that you select should have a good reputation for getting your medication to you quickly.

It's a Canadian organization of certified retail pharmacy commerce rendering mail-order drugstore providers to Canadian and global customers. Canadian International Pharmacy Association or CIPA is the tag which shows the drugstore is legitimate or not. In the west, the Online Pharmacy is known for cheaper and safe medicines.

When you decide that you are all set to buy your medicines from Canada, doing so is very simple and does not require a person to go to Canada. All you have to do is provide the online business with your authorized prescription from the doctor. In fact, you could have your prescriptions filled via the internet.

Even though these pharmacies generally fit alternative the FDA methods. Nevertheless numerous pharmacies are there that provide medication without having prescriptions and also feature in-house physicians who prescribe medication appropriately. Main customers using this service are mainly North Americans because doctor prescribed medicine is usually very costly within the United States as well as other nations. Numerous web pharmacies only sell prescription medications and do not entertain anyone without prescription.

These are generally made up of the exact same ingredients and are produced by same companies which manufacture the local medicines. Getting cheaper medicines coming from Canada does not necessarily mean that these products are any less effective than the ones that are sold locally.I know such company which is very famous in UK for pharmacy website creation known as Signetsolutions. You can get pharmacy website here only on �489. They have specialized team of designer and developer.

Here one thing to remember that this online pharmacy is the easy way to purchase medicines. There are lots of advantages while selecting the trust one, because they will keep your bank and credit information as a secured factor.

If you are planning to create pharmacy website then its good idea, you can earn lots of money with this. Nowadays, people prefer to go buy product online stores rather than buying it from physical stores. But when you don�t anything web design or developing, then you should look for some website design & development company which is expertise in making pharmacy websites. There are lots of websites out their, you can appoint these site for your pharmacy website creation. If you are web designer or developer then it�s become easier for you make a website.

When dealing by means of a foreign provider it is also important to verify that present is an actual address. Hence they often offer a wider collection of prescription medication, so they probably do business within their own region as well. Due to the fact any drugstore that has a physical location doesn't rely only on international business, they usually keep conformity with the criteria as well as requires of their location. A physical institution is likely to conduct more than solely overseas trade.

Also, at an online pharmacy, you have a choice to either visit the pharmacy (store) or have the online pharmacy fill and send your prescription through the mail. When you have your prescription drugs mailed, various pharmacies have to follow particular steps and special rules to check, fill and send your prescription drugs.

Whenever you enter pharmacies in Canada to the search box, there will be a large list of pharmacies. Part one of the process is going online to find a pharmacy in Canada. Those sites will be in alphabetical order to help you start at the beginning or pick a few throughout the list.

After that you need to finalize the order, you need to select the payment mode or medical plans using. � You need to pay the amount either online, or you have to visit the original store to complete the process for payment depends upon the stores you have selected. There are lots of valued online pharmacy web sites are providing the services to their loyal customers in a professional way. For these services, you need to fill the form with your name, mailing address and doctor�s prescription information.

This means warning you of possible negative effects or drug interactions with other medications you are currently taking. These are generally licensed pharmacies and they make every effort to ensure that you are safe. They offer all of the same services as your local drug store.

Unit #2, Markham, Ontario, L3R 5J6. The location of the pharmacy is good and they are offering the people free personal consultation if they are in their vicinity. The pharmacy is located at the corner of 14th Avenue in Markham and Riviera Drive, Ontario. For contacting the pharmacy Tel: (416) 410-9222 or (905) 948-1991 and Fax: (905) 948-0464 can be used. The full address of the pharmacy is 195 Riviera Dr.

There are numerous popular medicines and global pharmaceuticals manufacturers who are directly connected with Canada online pharmacies. So, if you are looking for brand-name medicines, then an online Canadian Online Pharmacy would be the right choice for you.

Contact details of ADV-Care Pharmacy: Tel: (416) 410-9222 or (905) 948-1991 and
Fax: (905) 948-0464. Pharmacists are available for 24 hours on mail and fax services for the online assistance 195 Riviera Dr. Unit #2, Markham, Ontario, L3R 5J6. Pharmacy is open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00 (EST).

The pharmacy will process your order under complete security. Press the "Buy Now" button when you find the medication you require. nPlacing an order is not difficult and convenient. You'll receive your order in secure packaging at the soonest time possible

��� ADV-Care Pharmacy COMPLAINTS HANDLING POLICY: for solving of the complaints of the customers there is a Customer Service Manager. The role of the Customer Service Manager is to forward the complaints to Pharmacy Manager who will solve the complaints and take the measures within 5 days.

An online Canadian Online Pharmacy will ask for your personal medical information. Furthermore, you can have detailed information concerning the quantity of orders placed. However, you can change or modify this information anytime you want, as per your need. You can make an order for your drugs by way of a telephone call or by email. To ensure that you indeed need the medication, during the delivery, you have to show the prescription form from your physician before the medicines are delivered to you. The medicines will be delivered to your house in a span of a week.However, if you are ordering for delivery from the online pharmacy you will have to pay online. Some online pharmacies will allow you to either pay online or at the store for in store pickup. Once you have entered all of your information from prescription number to your name and address, as well as other identifying factors, the online pharmacy website will ask you for your insurance payment information as well as how you want to pay for the prescription.

Your body is a indicator of when something is awry with your medication. With the responsibility a pharmacist has, it is imperative to choose one that has a high degree of professionalism and has a good reputation in the medical field. Either the pharmacist or the doctor can tell you whether the symptoms you are experiencing are necessary for immediate medical attention. You need to feel comfortable in knowing that the pharmacist you use is competent to handle your medication needs. If you experience any of the symptoms listed then it is advisable to contact your pharmacist or medial doctor right away. When given your prescription it is important to read the possible side effects.

The main thing is the online pharmacy store website, which you have selected has a secured checkout and online payment system. Because now a day lot of websites is hacked and your address, payment and medical information will be stolen by any internet criminals. There are lots of main things to be considered before ordering the pharmacy. And also this web site must have the configuration http in the website address or not.

And in order to keep the personal information safe, all the transactions are done in a confidential and secured way. There is also a sound automatic drug interaction check for kinds of drugs. This pharmaceutical company is staffed by a team of dedicated and hardworking, Ontario-licensed pharmacists. Company is also providing the facility of shipping at the various address mentioned by the customer. Besides this, company is also certified by Ontario Certificate of Accreditation and Professional Compounding Certificate which makes the company to high levels.

It saves people time and transportation fees. All buyers have to do is look for a good website and look for the products that they're going to need. Create certain you continue to be careful though particularly when you're supplying secret information such as your credit card number nBuyers can buy from their homes online pharmacies are a better choice for individuals that live in urban areas where trying to find a local pharmacy can be hard. Many persons purchase drugs from the internet and it is not going to be a problem to get all needed information. Does more research online or better yet, speak to health professionals?

The original process will take the longest as the pharmacies will keep the data for upcoming orders. It typically takes a few weeks to get the medications in the mail therefore you will need to place the order in enough time to avoid being with no your medication. Purchasing medications with an online Canadian pharmacy is completely lawful and incredibly low-cost.

Pharmacists are the ones that make sure you have the correction medication and that it doesn't interact with another medication or supplement you are currently taking. Their position should not be taken lightly and one should take the time to personally know their pharmacist. They are responsible for filling the proper dosage of a medication because if they are incorrect it can cost your life. They back up your physician. They scrutinize the prescription written by the doctor to make sure it is written correctly and contact the doctor if they believe there is a discrepancy.

A person can shop for 24 hours on this outlet to take care of healthcare and medical needs. Besides this, in order to have a convenient reordering of the drugs or medicines he can get the facility of previous purchases. And if a person becomes the registered customer of this group then he can avail many facilities and discounts. He can avail the frequent shopper discounts.

This web page will also have an area for you to supply important information such as name, phone, address and email address. Fill out all information and assess the summary of your order. If everything is proper, click on the submit or order now button.

To understand the receipt������������� :�������������������� billing@adv-care. com
To ask the pharmacist��������������������� :������������������� pharmacist@adv-care. com
To check the status of order��������� :��� ����������������� order@adv-care. com
To contact the customer service�� :��� ����������������� service@adv-care. com
For marketing and advertising inquiries�� :������� marketing@adv-care. For General inquires���������������������� :��������������������� inquiries@adv-care.

The next step is to verify your order. Some websites even ask if you want to shop more, decide accordingly and click on �continue' to go to the next step or in some websites �checkout' or �proceed to checkout' link is there which leads you to the prescription confirmation step.��� ADV-Care Pharmacy PRIVACY POLICY: the main of gathering the personal information of the customer is just to establish his profile so that fast and effective services can be provided to the customer. Customers can take the advantages of few or all the services provided by ADV-Care Pharmacy by retaining their privacy. ADV-Care Pharmacy is secured that customer�s information will not be leaked in any sense. The information of the customer shall not be used for any other purpose like advertising or promotion of the company, nor will it be shared with any third parties.

Most of these are sold in bulk orders and some restrictions may apply. Some pharmacies even sell pet products such as Frontline and Heartgard. This can be a great way to save money and order everything you need right from home. You can also buy over-the-counter medications.

Your prescription must be an exact match to be processed. Before visiting your physician you should visit the online pharmacy which you decide on and pay attention to what is available and in what quantities.

Always be sure your online pharmacy has a secure checkout system. You can be sure of this if in the direction bar it says website rather than just website That extra s means the page is secure and you can enter your payment information without the stress of wondering whether your information will be stolen while using the online pharmacy.

If shipping expenses are too huge they are able to totally offset your personal savings, causing you to be in the same situation, or even worse off, than you were before. Much less significant than other considerations but nevertheless vitally important is delivery expenses. You need to certainly understand what these are typically before getting a pharmaceutical drug loaded. Whether or not the prescription expenses are significantly reduced, precariously high shipping costs can make you wanting you had never switched at all.

Firstly choose the required drug and the exact quantity or the exact number of pills required. You can finalize this by clicking on to the �add to the cart' or �order' link which varies according to the website's database.

Here is a brief about making an online purchase from an online drug store. For a fact the online purchase in never insecure, it's too uncomplicated and idiot- friendly and also it maintains your privacy, the only tough phase is to choose a trusted and legitimate online pharmacy which offers good discounts and also is secure and has a good feedback from the users. Also many people hesitate making an online purchase as they think their passwords would be revealed and there will be no privacy and some think that the mode of purchase is too complicated.

n this competitive business, if they want to stay alive, they must need these online pharmacy web sites. � Before selecting the online pharmacy web site, which you want to business with them make sure that they are Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Website defined by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Other people just never become ill, so that they do not have to endure the pain of finding cash for medicine. On the other hand, if you live in a country in which prescriptions typically are not affordable or if you often become ill and want to conserve some money, you may be considering buying the medications via an international pharmacy, such as a Canadian Online Pharmacy, however is it the best thing to do? Some people are quite privileged and reside in places where prescription medications are extremely cheap or perhaps are dealt with by their governments.

While choosing a pharmacy that is local with convenient hours is extremely important to help make your life easier you need to be careful when selecting discount pharmacies or when switching pharmacies. Each day pharmacists make lifesaving decisions and choices that can be in many cases more important than those that the average medical doctor makes and yet it is amazing how many people pay very little attention to the pharmacy they choose and so much more attention to the doctor that they select.

When you are at the online pharmacy website and filling out the forms with your name, address, etc. Depending on which online pharmacy you use, they will either accept a payment online for delivery purposes or you will have to visit the actual store to complete the prescription payment process. and your doctor's prescription information, they will also need a payment method to finalize the prescription order, plus any insurance payment information or medical plan you are using.

Please remember that you will need a prescription by a certified physician for any medication that needs a script. Please see your doctor to learn which medications could be ordered online. Also controlled substances cannot be ordered from these pharmacies. Exactly the same prescriptions that you use at your local pharmacy can be used to order online.

They also keep current on generic alternatives for medications as well. Any questions you may have regarding the side effects, potential interactions or specifics about the medication should be directed to your doctor but the pharmacist is a trained medical professional and can answer many of theses questions for you.|The companies also make certain that your medical details are not exposed. The Canadian Online Pharmacy has gained an excellent reputation for itself, and this is due to the superb service such as 24/7 online ordering, a strong customer support system, free phone numbers and many others. The pharmacies also have a partnership with more than 44 states in America, so you can easily get your medicines online. The Canadian Online Pharmacy does not only give you the best quality medicines, but also the most inexpensive ones with no extra charges for foreign currency exchange or hidden costs. All of the recognized online Canada pharmacies have appropriate licenses, so you can be assured of your purchase.

There are many factors responsible for such a rapid growth of this business in UK as there is a large number of online users, more and more people are using this technology for making their purchase of Prescription Medicines and above all it is much convenient to order your prescribed medicine online than facing all the hassles in purchasing them from a local market. � The most unfortunate thing about the online business is that people don't trust the online retailers much due to many existing illegitimate Online Drug Stores.

Remember, never enter any credit or bank information on an online pharmacy website unless the site is secure. When you search for online pharmacy on the Internet you will get plenty of results from some of the bigger chains. If you are familiar with these pharmacy chains then you should trust their online chain as well.

Online pharmacy is the next generation of pharmacy, with the explosion of the worldwide web, every land based pharmacy will have a web presence, website, if they want to stay in business and be competitive in the pharmacy industry. When you finally select an online pharmacy website that you would like to do business with, check their site credentials, make sure that they are a "Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Website" defined by the "National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. " If you are concerned about the online pharmacy site and they aren't answering all your questions, there simvastatin ( ) are many other sites on the Internet to choose.

The imported medication ought to ensure general public safety. The medication ought to be brought in from Canada, through sellers authorized under the FDA as well as CIPA. A legitimate copy of prescription should come along with the bought medicines. The medication ought to be purchased from certified pharmacy for personal use, not for reselling and must not extend past ninety days supply. The drug or the substance should be approved by FDA.

An online pharmacy is generally the web presence of your general pharmacy. If you have any questions or concerns about an online pharmacy then find another online pharmacy that seems more legit or can at least answer your questions. You will want to make sure your online pharmacy is a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site as is defined by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. However, you should always check for verification of your online pharmacy before you place any orders.

This can also save your business money each and every day. This can help to cut the costs for your patients and get them the medications they need most. Volume orders like those for a clinic are often given an even bigger discount.

During this procedure, the pharmacists will look into if all of the drugs in your order can be safely taken together. Once the Canadian Online Pharmacy verifies that your prescription is legitimate, they're going to have the pharmacists set up your order. In case they cannot, they will call you and the doctor.

You need to take more time in making this decision than choosing the pharmacy on the nearest corner or one that give double bonus points. Choosing the best pharmacy is more important than you realize and can affect your health. Many times the choice is based on location, store hours or who offers the best prices on products they consistently use. People don't put a lot of thought into the choosing the best pharmacy as they do their doctors.

��� ADV-Care Pharmacy COUNSELING POLICY: the pharmacy department of ADV-Care Pharmacy will try to contact the customers by phone for counseling on all OTC products and prescribed medicines. during the business hours. Not only this, the pharmacists of ADV-Care Pharmacy are also available during the business hours to give response and answers to the customer�s queries and demands. A customer can contact the ADV-Care Pharmacy online by: And besides this, if after 2 trials of call if no link is established then an invitation note will be sent to the customer to call the ADV-Care Pharmacy on their toll free contact no.

Your physician may need to write the script for the generic. The sole difference in generic and name brands is the name on the packaging. Generic brands are offered to save you even more funds every day. Some are even made by exactly the same companies as the name brand.}

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