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the best gas hedge trimmerFor maintaining formal hedges or creating uniform pruning lines, a powered hedge trimmer is definitely the tool for your task. There are various options to consider prior to buying.

Gas or electric?

Gas hedge trimmers have been the gold standard for professional landscapers for a long period, but top-rated cordless designs have closed the gap and in many cases surpassed them. Skip models powered by older NiCd technology and go suitable for cordless models which use Li-ion batteries. They can be lighter in weight and offer consistent power output right before the battery peters out.

Corded electric models are terrific for lightweight trimming tasks on smaller suburban properties, and are probably the cheapest sort of hedge trimmer you can get, however they don't have the cutting ability of gas models or maybe the better cordless ones. In case you are considering a gas model, keep in mind the extra maintenance they require, and don't disregard the maker's fuel recommendations; not following those to the letter can result in a costly repair that won't be covered under warranty.

Top 5 Hedge Trimmers

tanaka tch22ebp2 hedge trimmer reviewFinding the Right Cut

Dual blades cut in both direction from either side of your plant. Blade sizes range from no more than 5 inches for an electric detail trimmer to 26-inch blades for heavy-duty cutting. Most blades cut branches as much as 3/4 inches, but larger capacity trimmers are offered. A hand guard is supplied for safety.

Weight and balance are important since you'll be holding the appliance at chest height or higher. From time to time, you'll additionally be making use of the tool along with your arms extended. Some models offer telescoping poles to prolong your reach.

Precisely what the best hedge trimmer has:

Lots of power. When you have older hedges with thick branches, you can expect to want a comparatively powerful machine to trim them.

A rotating blade. If you want to trim between hedges and walls, fences or other plants, it's good to have a rotating blade that lets you support the unit comfortably and safely while cutting at different angles.

Locking on/off switch. If you want to trim your hedges in a work session, a lock-on switch will reduce fatigue as you may trim. Conversely, if you will certainly be working near children, dogs or another distractions, a switch that needs continuous pressure to operate is a safer option.

Lightweight. The things you consider being lightweight is subjective, but the lighter a trimmer is, the more time you'll be able to make use of it before fatigue sets in. If you're not sure what you can handle, try the trimmer within a store (browse through the motions without actually powering it) or rent a model you're considering to make sure it's right for you.

Tolerable noise levels. All power tools, hedge trimmers included, can be very loud. However, some electric and cordless models are incredibly quiet, they probably won't bother the neighbors an excessive amount of.

A good warranty. Users report occasional durability problems with even reliable hedge trimmers, sometimes right out from the box. Search for a model which includes at least a two-year warranty. Models rated for commercial use may carry warranties so long as 5 years for homeowners.

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