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The Christian ethos has fans to it's doctrine in the firm belief of ? "pure evil". The picture of Satan to most is one of the classic red skinned, goat bodied, horned headed guy carrying a pitch-fork. But is normally this the "accurate" image of "100 % pure evil"? Actually, is there such a thing as "real evil"? Is the notion of a getting of a singular getting of evil personified common to all the worlds religions?

No. It isn't a common belief. Many of the worlds religions distinguish clearly between good and bad, but very few believe in an exterior singular source of real evil. Many religions believe that ultimately it really is ourselves that produce "good" or "bad" options. The fact that many non-Christian religions think that WE are in charge of our OWN evils seems a more mature and accountable strategy. Could it have already been that "Satan" was developed as a convenient "scape-goat" to explain aside the evils completed by those of the Christian faith?

We now understand that many who suffered legitimate and scientifically explainable situations of many diseases (such as for example schizophrenia) was once explained by the church as "demonic poss?ssion". It would be totally ignorant of us to not think that many times ever sold, one of the Christian faith has done evil things and then tried at fault it on exterior "evils" that "pressured me to accomplish it". When somebody of another religion who believes in "karma" or similar would accept full responsibility for his or her own actions.

In fact, Satan was hardly ever actually even mentioned in the original version of the Outdated Testament of the Christian Bible! It really is just in the reserve of Job that he's mentioned. The term for Satan translated from the original scripture of the Aged Testament just means adversary. This is a far stretch to becoming a figure of 100 % pure evil!

It is now commonly believed that the modern day picture most have of Satan has been taken to us from the Pagan religion. Paganism can be an ancient religion, possibly even pre-dating that of Christianity itself! Pagans believed and worshiped the earth herself. To put it simply, Diana was the goddess of the planet earth and represented the feminine part. Pan was the god of the planet earth and represented the masculine aspect. The image of Pan is usually that of a guy with the legs of a goat, torso of a man, horns on his head and a goatee beard. Pan was viewed as the hunter/gatherer and had not been an evil god. He was respected by all, but ? mild and peaceful god. Nevertheless, in the event that you see his image today, it wrongly tends to strike fear into people who are under the belief that is "Satan".

When Christianity was wanting to convert the entire world to it's religion, it had to destroy all others. This is done through a combination of pressure and/or the creation and bastardization of additional religion's beliefs. (Ironic that the brand new religion with it's "God of Love" meant that in the event that you did not really convert, you would be usually put to death at that moment!) The god of Pan was quickly taken and renamed as "Satan", "The Devil", "Lucifer". The power of the Christian church could efficiently convince its followers of this picture and quickly made all peaceful Pagans look like "devil-worshipers".

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