Packing Plant Spur – Parking

18. Packers Practice Fields

The start of the Cora Vanderperren Trail and the Packing Plant Spur is just north of City Stadium. When East High School isn’t in session, there’s parking in front of City Stadium. There’s also street parking – sometimes with restrictions – at the east end of Cherry and St. Clair streets. There’s a surface lot with meters at the southwest corner of Main and Baird streets. The lot is across the street and less than a block from the start of the Packing Plant Spur.

Joannes Stadium (No Plaque)

When school isn’t in session, there’s a large lot at the end of Walnut St., just beyond the outfield wall of Joannes Stadium. When school is in session, there’s a lot off Kurtz Avenue closer to the entrance of the stadium. To get there, head south on Baird from East High, turn left at Crooks St. and left on Kurtz.

19. Riverside Ballroom; 20. Bellevue Park (Jauquet Lumber); The Piccadilly (No Plaque);
21. Indian Packing Plant/Acme Packing Plant (Start of George F. Kress Trail)

There’s a lot at the Riverside, but it’s for customers only during events. There’s another lot west of the Teamsters’ building, located at 1546 Main St. The lot there is south of Main next to an unmarked, city-owned soccer field and within a short walk of the Riverside, and Bellevue Park and Indian/Acme Packing Plant plaques.

Baird Creek (No Plaque)

There’s a free lot at the end of the Baird Creek Parkway Trail off Baird Creek Road near Interstate 43.