Packing Plant Spur – Directions

(Includes four plaques, Sites 18 through 21, on the Packers Heritage Trail)

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The Vanderperren Trail and the Packing Plant Spur start just north of City Stadium, but south of the East River, on the east side of Baird Street. The plaque is at the start of the trail.

From Baird head east and south as the blacktop trail winds around City Stadium and the grounds of East High School to the stadium. The trail passes near Joannes’ outfield wall. The entrance to the stadium is at the southwest corner.

(Directions for Drivers: To see Joannes Stadium continue east on Walnut Street until it ends roughly one block east of Baird. When school isn’t in session, there’s parking in the large lot at the end of Walnut. Otherwise, there’s a parking lot near the entrance to the stadium near the south side of Joannes Park off Kurtz Avenue. To get to Kurtz, it’s necessary to head south on Baird to Crooks Street, turn left and then left again on Kurtz.)

From Joannes Stadium’s centerfield wall cross the footbridge over the East River and then immediately turn left over a second, shorter footbridge that crosses Baird Creek. Curve to the right along the blacktop path as it circles around the Riverside to the traffic light at Main Street. The Riverside plaque is to the right of the building’s front door.

(Directions for Drivers: To get from Joannes Stadium to the Riverside proceed north on Baird to Main Street, turn right and continue to the first traffic light. The Riverside is located on the right.)

Cross Main at the traffic light, turn right and pass in front of McDonald’s restaurant. The plaque is located next door to McDonald’s at the southwest corner of Jauquet Lumber, 1613 Main St.

The Piccadilly was located on approximately the same site as the current McDonald’s.

The plaque is located near the start of the Kress Trail close to where Elizabeth Street ends at Main. The old packing plant buildings can be best seen roughly 600 yards ahead from the footbridge on the Kress Trail. As you approach the bridge, the five-story white brick building beyond the railroad tracks was known as Building No. 3. It was part of the Indian Packing Plant in 1919.

• The large white brick building is the last Packers-related site on the Packing Plant Spur. To return from here to the start of the Vanderperren Trail take the same route back. The distance from the start of the Trail to here and back is two miles.

• To see the view from the front of the plant, follow the Kress Trail from the footbridge to Henry Street or the first stop sign on the trail. Turn left on Henry Street, then left on Morrow Street and proceed to the second of three railroad tracks. If you face what is now the Americold complex near the middle of the three  tracks,  you’ll be able to see Building No. 3 on the right and Building No. 4 on the left. Both were part of the plant in 1919. The Packers’ first practice field was located to the west of the railroad track closest to Elizabeth. When the packing plant was in operation there was a large, open field next to it. The first team picture of the Packers was shot in front of a garage that was located in front of Building No. 3.

• Beware it’s not a bike or pedestrian friendly stretch. There’s often heavy truck traffic in the area. It’s about an extra half-mile to see the plant from Morrow.

 ( Directions for Drivers:  For another view of the Indian and Acme packing plant buildings continue north on Elizabeth to the first stop sign and turn right on Morrow and head to the middle railroad track. See the note above for more information.)

Stay on the Kress Trail, cross Henry and follow the blacktop trail to Morrow. Cross Morrow and follow the blacktop trail to Danz Avenue. Cross Danz, turn left and head north for maybe 100 feet or more to where the blacktop trail resumes just beyond the creek. Turn right onto the blacktop trail and follow it until it ends next to a parking lot in Baird Creek, west of Interstate Highway 43.

• It is roughly 2½ miles – five miles round- trip – from the footbridge on the Kress Trail to the end of the blacktop trail in Baird Creek. The entire stretch is part of a city parkway that winds through a wooded area of the Baird Creek watershed. It’s a somewhat isolated urban trail and includes several street crossings.

(Directions for Drivers: From the Packing Plant plaque, head north on Elizabeth to University Avenue. Turn right, stay straight on University for 1½ miles, turn right on Humboldt Road for a short distance, turn right again on Baird Creek Road and follow it for three-quarters of a mile.)

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