Packing Plant Spur

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The Packing Plant Spur is an extension of the Packers Heritage Trail and was designed as a seven-mile, round-trip, self-guided bike ride.

Along with the four commemorative plaques on the Packing Plant Spur, you’ll also pass Joannes Stadium, one of the oldest baseball parks in the country and one of the Packers’ former practice fields.

The Spur starts at the edge of Baird Street at the beginning of the Cora Vanderperren Trail, just north of City Stadium, and follows blacktopped stretches of both the East River Greenway and the Baird Creek Parkway.

It would be a 10½-mile ride for someone starting and ending at the Neville Public Museum, trailhead for the Packers Heritage Trail. To get to the start of the Packing Plant Spur from the Neville, cross the Ray Nitschke Bridge, head south two blocks to Cherry Street and then head east on Cherry about a mile before heading north a short distance on Baird.

There also are other ways to explore the Packing Plant Spur, including a two-mile walk from the start of the Vanderperren Trail to the footbridge on the George F. Kress Trail and back. The footbridge offers the best view of the main building that was part of both the Indian and Acme packing plants.

The last Packers-related site on the Spur is the old packing plant. The final 2½-mile stretch – five miles round trip – from the footbridge near the packing plant to Baird Creek winds through an isolated area of pristine woods surrounding a stream that’s all part of the Baird Creek watershed. It’s a beautiful ride, but somewhat isolated.

No bike pass is needed to ride the East River or Baird Creek trails, but there also are no public restrooms along the way.