Lambeau-Lombardi Spur – Directions

(Includes one plaque, Site 22, on the Packers Heritage Trail)

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Start of Fox River State Trail and Lambeau-Lombardi Spur

The starting point is just south of downtown Green Bay where Adams and Porlier streets curve together. A state trail sign marks the start of the trail.

From the start of the state trail follow it south to just beyond the Schenck building and the short 3.0-mile marker. Exit the trail to the left and head up the short hill or to the top of Mariner Street. Cross Riverside Drive making a quick jog to the right and an immediate left turn onto Allouez Avenue. Take the first left turn into Allouez Catholic Cemetery, then a quick right just beyond the tall shrubs onto the narrow cemetery road and head up the hill. As you near the top, take the jog to the right and stay straight until you get to the back end of the small garage. Turn left, then right and proceed under the carport connected to the stucco chapel. Lambeau’s gravesite is on the left. He is buried in the second row beyond the chapel about eight headstones in.

• There are two sets of mile markers along the Fox River Trail. The taller wooden posts mark each half-mile from the official start of the trail. The shorter wooden posts mark each tenth-of-a-mile and start on the downtown extension of the state trail.
• Use caution crossing Riverside Drive. It’s a busy, four-lane road that’s part of State Highway 57.
• The turnoff to Lambeau’s gravesite and the old Allouez homes covers 1½ miles, mostly on residential streets after you’ve crossed Riverside. You will return to the Fox River Trail one-half mile ahead. Thus, the entire side trip adds about one mile to your ride.

(Directions for Drivers: The Fox River Trail is for bikers and pedestrians only. Instead, head east on Porlier to the first stoplight, turn right on Monroe Avenue and head south for 1½ miles. Turn left onto Allouez Avenue and make the first left turn into the cemetery. Follow the same directions as above to the gravesite.)

From the gravesite head back to Allouez Avenue, turn right and then left onto Ducharme Lane. Two blocks ahead at the first stop sign is Miramar Drive. The house on the northeast corner, at 226 Miramar, was once Don Hutson’s. From there, head down the hill or west on Miramar toward the river. The house at 330 Miramar was where Lambeau and his first wife, Marguerite, lived in the early 1930s. Turn around and head back up the hill on Miramar. Turn right onto Ducharme and head south for one block to Mission Road. The house on the northeast corner, at 222 W. Mission Rd., was the one Lombardi briefly rented when he first arrived in Green Bay in 1959.

From Lombardi’s rental home continue south on Ducharme for four blocks until it ends at Lazarre Avenue. Turn right, head down the hill and cross Riverside. Just beyond Riverside, turn left and rejoin the Fox River Trail. Continue south until the Fox Point Boat Launch, just beyond the short 4.8-mile marker, and exit left at the stop sign on the Trail. Continue to Riverside and turn left, riding on the sidewalk if you prefer. Go to the second street and turn left onto Sunset Circle. Lombardi’s home was the second one on the right located at 667 Sunset Circle.

From Sunset Circle backtrack to the boat launch and continue south on the Fox River Trail to James Street, the first street beyond the short 5.8-mile marker. Turn left and head up the hill one block. The Union Hotel is located at the northeast corner of Broadway and James streets.

• The turnoff covers three blocks in all and is maybe the best way to get on the bridge.
• Riverside Drive turns into Broadway in De Pere.

(Directions for Drivers: From Lombardi’s home return to Riverside Drive, turn right and head south for 1.3 miles to the Union Hotel.)

From the Union continue south on Broadway for two blocks. Century Lanes is on the right side of the street just before the round-about.

From Century Lanes turn right at the round-about and cross the De Pere Bridge over the Fox River. At the west end of the bridge, stay straight on Main Street for one block, crossing over to the left lane. Turn left onto Fourth Street, head south for two blocks and turn left onto Grant Street. Although the college’s address is 100 Grant St., turn right on Third Street. The commemorative plaque is located close to two blocks south on Third near Victor McCormick Hall. Frank J. Sensenbrenner Hall, where the Packers stayed during the Lombardi years, is further east toward the river on the other side of McCormick Hall.

Back to the start of the Fox River Trail or Lambeau-Lombardi Spur

Backtrack on Third and cross back over the De Pere Bridge. At the east end, stay to the right and curve around on the sidewalk back down to the Fox River Trail. Head north and return to the start of the trail.

(Directions for Drivers: Follow the same directions but stay in the left lane as you approach the round-about at the east end of the De Pere Bridge. Follow the round-about to the third exit and head north on Broadway. Continue roughly 4½ miles as Broadway turns into Riverside and then Monroe, and then turn left on Porlier.)