Lambeau-Lombardi Spur

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The Lambeau-Lombardi Spur is an extension of the Packers Heritage Trail that leads to several sites associated with those two towering figures and eventually to St. Norbert College, the training camp home of the Packers since 1958.


There are four commemorative plaques along the Lambeau-Lombardi Spur. Two are located at the sites: the Union Hotel and St. Norbert College. The two other plaques are located near Curly Lambeau’s Gravesite and the Lombardi Family Home.


The Lambeau-Lombardi Spur follows the scenic Fox River State Trail from Green Bay to De Pere with three side trips to the sites before continuing over the De Pere Bridge to St. Norbert.


The first detour leads to Lambeau’s gravesite in Allouez Catholic Cemetery. The second leads to where the Lombardi family lived for most of their 10 years in Green Bay. And the third leads to the Union Hotel, a popular supper club that has fed every Packers coach from Lambeau to Mike McCarthy.


In accordance with the recreational theme of the Packers Heritage Trail, the Lambeau-Lombardi Spur was designed as a 12½-mile bike ride from the start of the Fox River Trail to St. Norbert and back.


It would be a 15½-mile ride for someone starting at the Neville Public Museum, the trailhead of the Packers Heritage Trail. To get to the start of the Fox River Trail from the Neville, cross the Nitschke Bridge, get on the CityDeck along the east bank of the Fox River and head south on the path until it connects with the state trail. The state trail officially starts where Adams and Porlier streets converge just south of downtown Green Bay.


But take caution.


Visiting some of the sites requires crossing busy Riverside Drive or State Highway 57, and the ride from the east side of De Pere to St. Norbert follows city streets that often bear heavy traffic, although there are stretches with bike lanes.


Like the rest of the Packers Heritage Trail, it’s also possible to visit the sites by driving and biking or driving and walking.


For example, one could visit Lambeau’s gravesite by car, park behind the Schenck building and bike to Lombardi’s home or downtown De Pere to see the Union Hotel before returning to your car and driving to St. Norbert.


Riding from the parking lot behind the Schenck building, 2200 Riverside Drive, to the Union Hotel, at the top of James Street, and back would be about six miles, including the short detours to Lombardi’s home and the Union.


It also would be less than a mile walk from the Fox Point Boat Launch parking lot in Allouez to Lombardi’s home on Sunset Circle and back. In De Pere, one could park on or near Broadway and stroll through the city’s quaint downtown to the Union Hotel.


Once you get to De Pere, it’s approximately one mile – two miles round trip -- from the Union Hotel to St. Norbert.